Ritchie Stock Cube

Ritchie Stock Cube

NEW Ritchie Stock Cube

This system substantially improves farm health and safety for both the animal and operator, The unit is self contained and easily moved from site to site, Unfolds to provide a freestanding stock pen, Contains a curved sweep area within the cube and a secondary gate for the animal handler to work safely behind.

Twenty 2.5 mete hurdles can be stored and transported within the cube and the whole unit is designed to be lifted and loaded by front mounted forks, having channels at the top of the unit for forks to slide into.

Working in conjunction with either a fixed or mobile cattle crush. the Stock Cube is an adaptable add-on to upgrade existing farm units or as a stand alone system.

Folded dimensions: 3.2m x 2.5m

Unfolded dimensions: 3.2m x 5.5m

Excellent condition.

Ready to go.

  • Can be seen working
  • Hot dip galvanized finish
  • All sheet metal is ‘safe edged’
  • Self locking ratchet style catch with spring loaded slip bolts on sweep gate
  • ‘Creeper’ gate eliminates corner traps for stock
  • ‘Bolt down’ positions for fixed installations
  • Large sized fork lift pockets are incorporated. 150 x 100 mm

If you purchase our Crush and Stock Cube together we can come to an arrangement on pricing.

RRP: £4680

£4,250 + VAT.

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