Browns  Slitmaster aerator. 4 metres.

Browns Aerator  DSC02842DSC02843  DSC02845DSC02846  DSC02847

Hydraulic folding, Built in stands for easy unhitching, Spiraled rotor blades, All in good condition, Well built heavy duty frame. 2.35 metres folded width.

In a time where Climate Change is becoming more of an issue and we seem to be experiencing more rainfall than before, the browns aerator is an important tool to consider for your ground. This aerator helps to alleviate surface compaction by slitting the ground, this opens the ground up allowing air, water and nutrients to enter the soil improving both drainage and soil health. With high fertiliser prices, helping your soil in the uptake of any nutrients can only be a good thing, and anything that helps the drainage of your ground in a cheap and effective manner can surely only be a wise investment, for now and for the future.

Ready for work, very good condition.

£2,250 + VAT.



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