Krone KW 5.52/4×7 Tedder

Brand new! 20175.5 metres working width, 2.9 metre transport width.

4 rotors with 7 tine arms per rotor. Solid three-point headstock (Cat II) including pivoting suspension by ball hitch and roller as well as adjustable accumulator arms with internal compression springs ensures optimum running with high speeds, in bends and down-hill operations. Auto centering lift-out system of the tedder. Compact attachment to the tractor ensures safe road transport. Solid two feet parking ensures safe and easy hitching and and unhitching of the machine. Rotors protected from damage by knock-out clutch. Maintenance-free liquid grease lubricated bevel gearbox. Maintenance-free Octolink clutch between rotor elements ensures reliable power transmission in each position. angle of throw is adjustable without tools.

Ready for 2018 harvest.

Brand new and unused.

Sold… New Stock Coming Soon



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