Strimech PowerGrab

 Brand new Pro Ag Power Grab

DSC02485  DSC02483Strimech PowerGrabDSC02474

Introducing the New Strimech Pro-Ag Powergrab. In-keeping with our commitment to supply the best quality attachments to their customers, their new range of Pro-Ag Powergrabs are an enhanced version of the previous market leading grabs, they have been improved to provide even greater strength and reliability. The enclosed back and spill guard help to keep the carriage and hydraulics clean, making them ideal for manure and silage.

Key features:

  • Wide opening grab for bale handling.
  • Heavy duty tine mounting channels.
  • Larger pivot pins.
  • Hydraulic rams strategically placed to prevent materials build-up.
  • Weld on or bolt on brackets available
  • Full length wear edge available.

We currently have a PS-76 in stock. This grab has a 1.7m³ capacity and weighs 495kg.

There is a large range of sizes available ranging from 1.5m³  up-to 1.9m³. Additional sizes are also available upon request.

£1,950 +VAT




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