Lamborghini Grand Prix – LS  874-90 04 Plate, 4774 Hours. Loader Tractor.

DSC02625  DSC02500DSC02634  DSC02632DSC02637  DSC02497

88hp 4 cylinder Same engine. standard Lamborghini gearbox.

Original pirelli tyres, 60%, Fronts 14.9 R24, Rears 16.9 R 34.

Bodywork in fair condition, New exhaust, 3 spools with free flow return, Knob style linkage control on rear fender (working), All lights working, Beacon, Weight frame, Eco P.T.O. Radio cassette, Cab in good condition other than tear in seat, Loader to be fitted.

Details of Loader. (yet to be fitted)

Chillton MX 40.85 m

Quick attach hydraulic block, Joystick control.

£15,000 + VAT

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