Albutt General Purpose Bucket

Albutt General Purpose Bucket

DSC02776  DSC02774DSC02778  DSC02777

The Albutt range of Buckets have been expertly designed on over 45 years of attachment building experience. A host of standout features truly make the Albutt general purpose bucket the market leader in this competitive industry. Brackets are mounted onto straps to spread the load on the bucket shell. All buckets feature a boron 500 welded in toe plate, large corner gussets, rolled back and boron 500 corner heel pads. Manufactured at our Evesham production plant, popular sizes are also kept in stock.

  • Cutting edge and corner wear pads, made from hardened steel 500 Brinnel for long life.
  • Corner gussets
  • Brackets mounted on support plates for even load distribution
  • Under floor stiffeners full depth of floor
  • Side stiffeners full height of bucket
  • Optional bolt on cutting edge
  • Brackets for telehandler or loader included.
  • Heavy duty hook profiles
  • Hooks full depth of bucket

The range of buckets start at 0.45m³ and run up to 2.10m³

We currently have the Albutt A040-76 in stock, this bucket has a capacity of 1.13m³, is 7.6″ wide and weighs 358 kgs.

£1,296 + VAT

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