Tanco 173 Bale Shear, Brand new.

Tanco 173 Bale Shear, Brand new.

DSC02780  DSC02779DSC02782  DSC02781

The Tanco 173 bale shear system changes the way round bales are fed, making this way more efficient and economical. The 173 Bale Shear uses a Patented system for gripping the plastic wrap whilst splitting the bale in half making it ideal for feeding round bales along feed feed passages and into diet feeder.

The fact that no knives are required to strip the plastic wrap off silage bales, has huge safety advantages, especially when getting off the tractor . it can slice hay, straw or silage bales with consummate ease.

The unique system of automatic plastic grab and bale split, using just one standard hydraulic coupling makes it ideal for front loader use. Chopping the bale in half when loading a diet/feeder-wagon, makes for more efficient mixing and less wear and tear on the feeder.

Watch a video of this fantastic machine in action here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CZjE9FxdMI.

£3,375 +VAT

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