Used Machinery

Lely Splendimo 280 Classic

2010 machine in excellent condition. Good straight honest machine.

2.8 metre cutting width, just 585 kg and requiring only 40 hp to power, this mower is a cheap to run, simple design with little to go wrong. Ideal for a smaller farms.

Greased up, cleaned off  and ready for work.

£3,250 + VAT


Lemkin 5 furrow reversible

Good all round condition, being fitted with new shims and landslide, will also be treated to new bearings and bushing at the turnover point along with a fresh coat of paint to bring it back up looking like new.



Kvernland 4 furrow reversible


Good condition, all wearing metal faces have been coated in a grease/oil mix to protect from corrosion. Ready to go to work. Excellent example of a good little plough.



Keenan 140 Klassik Mixer Wagon

A 140 Klassik is a 14 cube capacity diet feeder, the Keenan Klassik feeder is a reliable cost effective way to feed your cows, built with simplicity, quality and minimal wearing parts these machines are an ideal choice and are ultra reliable. The Klassiks main operating functions are the weighing, chopping / mixing and feeding out.

The electronic weighing system allows the user to input exact quantities of individual materials to be loaded into the mixing chamber for optimum rationing. Mixing is carried out via a centrally mounted rotor fitted with angled paddles revolving at 5-10rpm which sweep the materials over the chopping blades located in the belly of the machine.

£5,000 + VAT


Teagle Super Ted

Teagle Super Ted 220.

2.2 metre pickup width, large castor wheels on each side.

click on link below for an idea of what this machine is capable of.



Kuhn MDS-1141 Fertiliser Spreader

1999 model in a generally good condition.

Currently set to spread at 12 metres but with the right vanes can be set to spread at 24 metres.

Comes with a cover which is in good working order.

1,700 L capacity.

£1,275 + VAT


Ifor Williams Ramps

Good condition, ready to be used.,

8ft long and are heavy duty.

£600 + VAT

GP Engineering 6ft Topper

  • 6 ft Semi offset topper
  • Direct drive (No belts)
  • Integral safety guards
  • Adjustable swept skids
  • HD gear box
  • HD spring steel rotor
  • Require relatively low power tractors

£550 + VAT


Kongsklide Suc 300

Kongskilde Grain Vacs – a Flexible and Dependable Conveying System Kongskilde has been developing and manufacturing grain blowers since 1949 and is today one of the leading producers of grain vacs worldwide. Kongskilde’s OK pipe system means it is quick and easy to establish temporary and permanent pipelines.

Ready for work.

£3,000 +VAT


Kongskilde Suc 500

Kongskilde Grain Vacs – a Flexible and Dependable Conveying System Kongskilde has been developing and manufacturing grain blowers since 1949 and is today one of the leading producers of grain vacs worldwide. Kongskilde’s OK pipe system means it is quick and easy to establish temporary and permanent pipelines.

Ready for work.

£ 3,000 +VAT



Good Condition, two leg subsoiler.

Subsoiling is an effective way of improving your Grass yields. With cattle and heavy machinery causing the soil to pan this can lead to issues with water logging. By breaking that pan with a subsoiler you are improving the ability of the soil to drain excess water and aiding grass in putting roots deeper down, improving the uptake of nutrients. In aiding the grass to get its roots down deep you further enhance your soil structure as the roots aid in the breakup and improvement of the soil. The benefits of this are huge, helping the soil to deal with any excess water, improving the breakdown of organic matter and increasing the uptake of nutrients.

This subsoilers legs are 163 cm apart, from the centre of the feet.

All wearing parts are new.

£1,500 +VAT


Landrover Freelander Commercial

157,948 miles, (may go up as vehicle in occasional use) Genuine reason for sale, vehicle no longer required. Few age related marks. Overall though in good condition. Could do with a clean inside but once done will make somebody an excellent workhorse. 2wd currently however we do have the drive shaft to make it 4wd again. more fuel efficient as is though.

New MOT. Has had lots of work done. No rust.

work done for MOT. windscreen replaced, offside mirror glass replaced, new brake peddle rubber, offside rear side indicator light unit replaced, brake pipes to both rear hoses replaced, rear flexi hose and brake pipes to wheel cylinders, brake shoes, new handbrake cables, front disks and pads replaced, all four injectors new, vac hose to turbo control solenoid replaced and the catalytic converter has also been replaced.

As you can see, lots of work don, no expense spared!

£1,650, no VAT!!


Spearhead Hedge Trimmer

Excellent condition, been fully serviced.

Lots of new parts,

  • New flails
  • New rotor bearings
  • New stabiliser arms
  • New oil
  • Rotor rebalanced
  • Head has been re-sheeted

Really good example, ready to go to work.

£7,000 + VAT


West 1300 Dual Spreader

Fully Re-sprayed, a lot of time and effort gone into this spreader. In really excellent condition. Lots of new parts.

New rotor

  • New door
  • New bearings, front and back.
  • New break hoses
  • New handbrake handle and cable
  • New slurry tray
  • New rotor hood
  • New rotor

The auger has been re-flighted and the spreader has been re-plated inside.

£6,000 +VAT


Ritchie Cattle Crush


Manual yoke which can be operated from both the front and rear of crush, Gives you complete access to both sides of the animal with 8 easy to use doors, Ratchet style rump bar to make handling of even the most difficult animals easier. Aluminium treadplate floor. Completely hot dipped galvanised for longevity and peace of mind.

Excellent condition.

Ready to go.

If you purchase our Crush and Stock Cube together we can come to an arrangement on pricing.

£2,600 + VAT


Ritchie Stock Cube

This system substantially improves farm health and safety for both the animal and operator, The unit is self contained and easily moved from site to site, Unfolds to provide a freestanding stock pen, Contains a curved sweep area within the cube and a secondary gate for the animal handler to work safely behind.

Twenty 2.5 mete hurdles can be stored and transported within the cube and the whole unit is designed to be lifted and loaded by front mounted forks, having channels at the top of the unit for forks to slide into.

Working in conjunction with either a fixed or mobile cattle crush. the Stock Cube is an adaptable add-on to upgrade existing farm units or as a stand alone system.

Folded dimensions: 3.2m x 2.5m

Unfolded dimensions: 3.2m x 5.5m

Excellent condition.

Ready to go.

If you purchase our Crush and Stock Cube together we can come to an arrangement on pricing.

£4,250 + VAT.


Opico 395 Quiet Fan Grain Dryer

aproximately 9 tonnes holding capacity. Gas fired burner. Adjustable screw jacks for easy level setup. Intake loading hopper.

Been working all summer.

Ready to go.

£8,000 + VAT


Browns Slitmaster aerator. 4 metres

Hydraulic folding, Built in stands for easy unhitching, Spiraled rotor blades, All in good condition, Well built heavy duty frame. 2.35 metres folded width.

In a time where Climate Change is becoming more of an issue and we seem to be experiencing more rainfall than before, the browns aerator is an important tool to consider for your ground. This aerator helps to alleviate surface compaction by slitting the ground, this opens the ground up allowing air, water and nutrients to enter the soil improving both drainage and soil health. With high fertiliser prices, helping your soil in the uptake of any nutrients can only be a good thing, and anything that helps the drainage of your ground in a cheap and effective manner can surely only be a wise investment, for now and for the future.

Ready for work, very good condition.

£2,250 + VAT.


Twose hedge cutter

Shot blasted and re-sprayed

1.30 metre cutting head. Good roller, Has new roller bearings. Good flails, Cutter head in good condition. Lever operated controls. 4.8 metre reach, Slew and hydraulic break back.

Excellent condition.

Ready for work.

£3250 +VAT


Doublet – Record 6 Metre Cultivator.

Height adjustable leveling boards followed by 4 rows of kkk tines (each with new points) followed by a row of leveling tines and finished off with crumbler rollers. The kkk tines are mounted on height adjustable frames. and there are also height adjustable depth wheels on each section.

Hydraulic folding. Folded width, 2.10 metres.

Ready for work.

£2,950 + VAT.


Albutt Grain Bucket

2.26 metres wide. Welded brackets on top of bucket for road brush.

450 kg

1.5 cubic metres.

Used but good overall condition.

Ready to go.

£500 +VAT


Bullen Muck Spreader

Galvanized. 6 yard. Manual lid. Un-braked axle. New rotor. New bearings on main shaft. New chains where needed. New flail ends. Good tyres. Good drive chain from P.T.O. to drive sprocket.

Overall good condition, been well looked after.

Ready for work.

£1880 +VAT


Teagle Tomahawk 404

Round bale shredder in good overall condition. Straw can be blown to one or both sides of the tractor, manual mechanisms to change sides, in good working order. This is a well designed useful piece of machinery.

The Tomahawk 404 uses rotating and static blades to chop dry material to around 50mm. The chop length is easily adjusted by moving the rotor, therefor changing the clearance between the blades.

It is easy to control the output by simply adjusting the speed of the drum rotation during operation.

Ready to blow!!

£800 +VAT


Twose sheargrab

In generally good condition, a few battle scars but does not affect the operation. All tines where they should be.

Ready to be put to work.

£600 + VAT


Twose sheargrab

Refurbished Twose shear grab. Looks really smart for a second hand machine. Complete set of tines that are all straight.
• Straight off farm
• New cones fitted
• shot blasted
• Resprayed
• Blade sharpened
• Full working order

£600 + VAT

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