Kuhn Mower

Kuhn FC 283

Three point hitch mounted, side pull. Folds back on itself for easy, safe road transport. Good condition throughout, comes with conditioner.

2.8 m Working width, 7 discs, requires approx 82 hp to run dependant on harvesting conditions.

Fully serviced, new blades and all conditioner tines have been checked and replaced where necessary

Ready for the 2018 season.



Krone Swadro

Krone Swadro 800/26

DSC02760  DSC02761DSC02762  DSC02765DSC02766  DSC02763

2014 machine, in excellent condition, been well looked after.

Twin rotor centre delivery rake, working width from 6.8 meters up to 7.6 meters. Transport width is approximately 2.9 meters.

Solid two-point headstock, including pivoting suspension by ball-hitch and roller, direct active steering by headstock.

Cardanic rotor suspension, including Krone Jet-Effect

Maintenance-free liquid grease lubricated bevel gearbox

Warning panel on either side as well as 3 chamber lighting to the back and positional l;ighting to the front

Wide angle PTO, 540 rpm maximum

Variable working width.

£9,500 +VAT




DSC02667  DSC02666

Good Condition, two leg subsoiler.

Subsoiling  is an effective way of improving your Grass yields. With cattle and heavy machinery causing the soil to pan this can lead to issues with water logging. By breaking that pan with a subsoiler you are improving the ability of the soil to drain excess water and aiding grass in putting roots deeper down, improving the uptake of nutrients. In aiding the grass to get its roots down deep you further enhance your soil structure as the roots aid in the breakup and improvement of the soil. The benefits of this are huge, helping the soil to deal with any excess water, improving the breakdown of organic matter and increasing the uptake of nutrients.

This subsoilers legs are 163 cm apart, from the centre of the feet.

All wearing parts are new.

£1,500 +VAT

Krone Easycut R280 Mower

2017 machine.  2.8 metre working width.

3 – 3.5 acres an hour are achievable with this product. Requires approximately 40kW (55hp) dependant on harvest conditions. Center of gravity suspension and link arm guidance. optimized break-back system which is integrated into the cantilever arm. Cutting disc arrangement SmartCut ensures and best cut, even under difficult harvesting conditions. Disc protection system SafeCut to avoid impact damages. Adjustable cutterbar suspension by spiral springs reacts quickly to uneven ground. KRONE satellite drive system by massive spur gears, makes for low maintenance and no belt to worry about breaking. Extra wide hardened skids. Storage box for cutter blades and holder for quick change blade key.

Excellent condition.

Ready for 2018 harvest.

£6,350 + VAT 


Krone KW 5.52/4×7 Tedder

Brand new! 20175.5 metres working width, 2.9 metre transport width.

4 rotors with 7 tine arms per rotor. Solid three-point headstock (Cat II) including pivoting suspension by ball hitch and roller as well as adjustable accumulator arms with internal compression springs ensures optimum running with high speeds, in bends and down-hill operations. Auto centering lift-out system of the tedder. Compact attachment to the tractor ensures safe road transport. Solid two feet parking ensures safe and easy hitching and and unhitching of the machine. Rotors protected from damage by knock-out clutch. Maintenance-free liquid grease lubricated bevel gearbox. Maintenance-free Octolink clutch between rotor elements ensures reliable power transmission in each position. angle of throw is adjustable without tools.

Ready for 2018 harvest.

Brand new and unused.

Sold… New Stock Coming Soon




Browns  Slitmaster aerator. 4 metres.

Browns Aerator  DSC02842DSC02843  DSC02845DSC02846  DSC02847

Hydraulic folding, Built in stands for easy unhitching, Spiraled rotor blades, All in good condition, Well built heavy duty frame. 2.35 metres folded width.

In a time where Climate Change is becoming more of an issue and we seem to be experiencing more rainfall than before, the browns aerator is an important tool to consider for your ground. This aerator helps to alleviate surface compaction by slitting the ground, this opens the ground up allowing air, water and nutrients to enter the soil improving both drainage and soil health. With high fertiliser prices, helping your soil in the uptake of any nutrients can only be a good thing, and anything that helps the drainage of your ground in a cheap and effective manner can surely only be a wise investment, for now and for the future.

Ready for work, very good condition.

£2,250 + VAT.