Grain Dryers

Grain Dryers

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We are distributors for Esma Grain Dryers in the UK. We have 15+ years experience with Grain Handling & Grain Dryers. We can service & maintain all makes of Grain Dryer.

We are now working in partnership with Danagri-3S who will be importing the machines and we will assist with the sales and back up.  

Along with providing great quality ESMA driers we also provide support back up all year round, please think ahead to taking part in our annual Burner Service and health check scheme you will be ensuring that your Drier is working to its full potential when you next need it!  

The drying of grain today is of major importance and Esma have got the preservation of  grain during the drying process down to an art form.

Esma follow four simple rules during the design and production process, these are,

  • Maximum reliability
  • Respect of the environment
  • Respect of the user
  • respect of the natural characteristics of the handled product

Esma dryers are manufactured with regards to the above listed rules which can be considered as a model for modern agriculture.

Esma puts at the disposal of the user of its machinery a wide range of machines able to meet the most varied of requirements. There are a huge range of dryers available going from 12 m³/9 t right the way up to 85 m³/65 t. Every part used in the manufacture of Esma dryers has been studied with particular consideration for the functional characteristics and reliability. The products employed by Esma are all of a high quality and reliable. Esma dryers guarantee the perfect quality of the dried product, together with short and safe intervention requirements. The pioneering drying system prevents combustion waste from coming into contact with grain products, thereby leaving their organoleptic properties intact.

Esma dryers come as standard with,

  • Adjustable feet
  • Bi fuel burner
  • Universal joints
  • Loading auger
  • Level bubbles
  • Internal mixer
  • Inox panelling
  • Inspection door
  • Ejection cleaner
  • Electric control panel
  • Inspection panel
  • Fuel tank

There are also a considerable amount of optional extras, some of which include,

  • Cyclon decantation
  • Loading auger ditch 40 t
  • Dust aspiration on the top and on ejection cleaner
  • Automatic greasing
  • Moisture metre control
  • Heat exchanger
  • PVC cover
  • Inox cover
  • 1m, 2m or 2.65m loading hopper
  • Colour customization

Upon request mechanical filter sleeves/bags can be integrated into dryers for dust suppression according to current legislation.

For the current Esma brochure please follow this link, depliant-ita-ing-ted-ung-rus-imp-_layout-1 and contact us for prices.

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