Krone Machinery

As an established Krone dealership here at A.G Prowse LTD we are ready to offer advice and guidance though the Krone products and offer friendly, competitive quotes.

Krone equipment offers exceptional value over its competition because every krone machine in built to a very high standard. Krone understand that downtime equals lost revenue when harvesting and that is why they build to such rigorous standards… to keep producers in the field at the most crucial times!

Order now for 2020!!!

  • Mowers – EasyCut F/R
  • Tedders – KW/KWT
  • Rakes – Swadro
  • Bailers – Ultima, Belima, Fortima ,Comprima, Comprima X-treme, BiG pack
  • Foragers – BiG X

Krone Comprima F155XC


Great condition

£16,495 + VAT

Krone Swadro Rotary Rakes

Product range includes – Single rotor, twin rotor side delivery, twin rotor centre delivery, three-rotor, four -rotor and six rotor. Swadro is the name for absolutely clean swaths and high-quality forage.

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Krone EasyCut R280

2.8 metre working width

3-3.5 hectares an hour are achievable. Requires approximately 40kW (55hp) dependant on harvest conditions.

Krone KW 5.52/4×7 Tedder

5.5 metres working width. 2.9 metre transport width.

4 rotors with 7 tine arms per rotor. Solid three-point headstock including pivoting suspension by ball hitch and roller as well as adjustable arms with internal compression springs ensures optimum running with high speeds in bends and down-hill operations.

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Krone BiG Pack

Square baler.

Currently celebrating 25 years of production!

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