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We are distributors for Krone, West, Strimech, Alvan Blanch, Ritchie, Teagle, Esma, Albutt  farm machinery.

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Krone EasyCut F320CV (Gen 1) push type.

Krone Comprima F 125 XC Round Baler.

Fixed chamber round baler with cutting system. Requires 65 hp (power need depends on the forage, the operating conditions and the machine equipment).

  • Roller crop guard.
  • Camless pick-up EasyFlow (work width 2,150 mm according to DIN 11220) with 5 rows of tines.
  • NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator.
  • Bailing pressure indicator.
  • Towing hitch 40/50 for bottom hitch.
  • PTO shaft, cam clutch 80 degree (required for silage).
  • Hydraulically lowering blade cassette incl. mechanical blade group control system.
  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • With bale kicker.,

Esma ES150T (2018)

Vigolo TSA/PR280 Shredder

LWC Double Bale Carrier

LWC Loader Grabs

LWC 4 in 1 Bucket

LWC Handler Bin

Krone EasyCut R280.

2.8 metre working width.

3 – 3.5 hectares an hour are achievable with this product. Requires approximately 40kW (55hp) dependant on harvest conditions.

  • Krone DuoGrip mower suspension: “centre of gravity suspension and link arm guidance”.
  • Compact transport position ensures low transport height and more ground clearance.
  • Adjustable cutterbar suspension by spiral springs reacts quickly to unevenness of ground.
  • optimised break-back system which is integrated into the cantilever arm.
  • Cutting disc arrangement SmartCut ensures and best cut, even under difficult harvesting conditions.
  • Disc protection system SafeCut to avoid impact damages.
  • Adjustable cutterbar suspension by spiral springs reacts quickly to uneven ground.
  • Outer and front guard frame foldable ensures good access to the cutterbar and reduction in transport height.
  • Oversized, fully welded and life span lubricated cutterbar made of high strength steel.
  • KRONE satellite drive system by massive spur gears, makes for low maintenance and no belt to worry about breaking.
  • Extra wide hardened skids.
  • Storage box for cutter blades and holder for quick change blade key.
  • Quick change blades.

New stock now in.

Krone KW 5.52/4X7 Tedder.

5.5 metres working width. 2.9 metre transport width.

Krone Swadro 42 Rake.

The perfect rake for running in front of a round baler.

Krone TC 880 Rake.

Two rotor centre delivery rake.  Working widths of 7,600mm – 8,800mm and swath widths of approximately 1,300 – 2,500 mm. Transport height of 3,990 mm. Needs approximately 50 hp to power.

  • Hydraulically adjustable working width with integrated mechanical locking.
  • Solid two-point headstock incl pivoting suspension by ball-hitch and roller ensures optimum ground contour following and avoids loading forces of the chassis.
  • Solid two-feet parking jack ensures easy attachment of the machine.
  • Extra wide transport running gear ensures safe road holding and high stability even on slopes.
  • Direct active steering by headstock.
  • Articulated steering: few pivot points, low maintenance, high driving stability by fixed running gear frame.
  • Tridem rotor running gear incl. two pendulum  front wheels and two fixed rear steering wheels.
  • Cardanic rotor suspension incl. Krone Jet Effect.
  • Maintenance-free liquid grease lubricated bevel gearbox, completely hardened Krone cam track Dura Max.
  • Maintenance-free grooved ball bearing of the tine arms, big bearing distance ensures lower bearing loads.
  • Four reinforced 10.5 mm trailing double tines per arm with big coil diameter and Lift Effect ensures best raking quality.
  • Tines assembled around tine arm to avoid losses.
  • Mechanical rotor height adjustment by handwheel incl. rotor height display.
  • Wide angle drive PTO shaft, drive-line with overrun clutch
  • Rotors individually protected from damage by knock-out clutch
  • LED headlights, brake lights and warning panels.

Link Boxes

5FT, 6FT & 7FT


Teagle XT48

In stock now

A wide range of products available.


Stocks Ag Fan Jet Pro.

The Pro is the most popular Fan Jet and is suitable to fit to, and use with all machines including ATV’s, UTV’s, tractors, self propelled and trailed sprayers, and cultivation machinery –
Although it is used primarily to spread slug pellets to 24m from a wide variety of vehicles, it is equally suitable as a seed broadcaster, especially with the Grass Seed Deflector, or Vario control. Re-seed or over-seed pasture with a tined grass harrow, or broadcast small seeds such as rape, turnip and clover from a stubble cultivator. Use with chemical granules such as low rate fertiliser applications, or even for game feeding, etc. It will spread most free flowing products. If the width must be restricted, choose the Vario disc speed control.

Available with 2 hopper capacities, either 65 litres or 130 litres and is named ‘ Fan Jet Pro 65 ‘, or ‘ Fan Jet Pro 130 ‘ accordingly.

From £1,500 + VAT

Strimech Pro Ag Bucket.

Brand new, well made bucket.

The Strimech Pro-AG range of attachments have been expertly designed and manufactured using the latest technology. This ensures that all products are the best attachments available. As part of our commitment to offer superior products, improvements have been made to provide a market leading range of quality buckets. Strimech offers a wide range of sizes/capacities to meet customer requirements. Strimech’s  Pro-AG bucket range has undergone both internal and external testing to ensure it is the strongest bucket we have ever produced and promoted.

Key features:

  • New improved corner fills and side stiffeners offering greater strength and wear resistance.
  • Rolled shell offering greater versatility for dump and roll back bias.
  • Boron 500 leading edge.
  • Extra wear plates fitted to underneath of bucket.
  • Brackets included.
  • Bolt on wear edge optional.
  • High capacity version available.

These buckets come in a large selection of sizes, ranging from 0.6m³  up-to 1.7m³  however additional sizes are available upon request.

Lloyds British test certificate available upon request.

We currently have a BKT15-76 in stock. This bucket has a capacity of 1.5m³ and weighs 470kg

£1,300 + VAT

Strimech PowerGrab.

Introducing the New Strimech Pro-Ag Powergrab. In-keeping with our commitment to supply the best quality attachments to their customers, their new range of Pro-Ag Powergrabs are an enhanced version of the previous market leading grabs, they have been improved to provide even greater strength and reliability. The enclosed back and spill guard help to keep the carriage and hydraulics clean, making them ideal for manure and silage.

Key features:

  • Wide opening grab for bale handling.
  • Heavy duty tine mounting channels.
  • Larger pivot pins.
  • Hydraulic rams strategically placed to prevent materials build-up.
  • Weld on or bolt on brackets available
  • Full length wear edge available.

We currently have a PS-76 in stock. This grab has a 1.7m³ capacity and weighs 495kg.

There is a large range of sizes available ranging from 1.5m³  up-to 1.9m³. Additional sizes are also available upon request.

£2,250 +VAT

New Granit Bale Spike.

  • Supplied with tines, 1100mm long (M22 x 1.5)
  • Tines spacing 750mm
  • For Euro- norm quick change frame attachment
  • Load capacity 700Kg
  • Heavy- duty robust version
  • Perfect construction and processing
  • Approved quality

Special Offer £160 + VAT

Albutt General Purpose Bucket.

The Albutt range of Buckets have been expertly designed on over 45 years of attachment building experience. A host of standout features truly make the Albutt general purpose bucket the market leader in this competitive industry. Brackets are mounted onto straps to spread the load on the bucket shell. All buckets feature a boron 500 welded in toe plate, large corner gussets, rolled back and boron 500 corner heel pads. Manufactured at our Evesham production plant, popular sizes are also kept in stock.

  • Cutting edge and corner wear pads, made from hardened steel 500 Brinnel for long life.
  • Corner gussets
  • Brackets mounted on support plates for even load distribution
  • Under floor stiffeners full depth of floor
  • Side stiffeners full height of bucket
  • Optional bolt on cutting edge
  • Brackets for telehandler or loader included.
  • Heavy duty hook profiles
  • Hooks full depth of bucket

The range of buckets start at 0.45m³ and run up to 2.10m³

We currently have the Albutt A040-76 in stock, this bucket has a capacity of 1.13m³, is 7.6″ wide and weighs 358 kgs.

New stock coming soon.  

Ritchie Cattle Crush.

Manual yoke which can be operated from both the front and rear of crush, Gives you complete access to both sides of the animal with 8 easy to use doors, Ratchet style rump bar to make handling of even the most difficult animals easier. Aluminium treadplate floor. Completely hot dipped galvanised for longevity and peace of mind.

Excellent condition.

Ready to go.

If you purchase our Crush and Stock Cube together we can come to an arrangement on pricing.

£2,650 + VAT

Ritchie Stock Cube.

This system substantially improves farm health and safety for both the animal and operator, The unit is self contained and easily moved from site to site, Unfolds to provide a freestanding stock pen, Contains a curved sweep area within the cube and a secondary gate for the animal handler to work safely behind.

Twenty 2.5 mete hurdles can be stored and transported within the cube and the whole unit is designed to be lifted and loaded by front mounted forks, having channels at the top of the unit for forks to slide into.

Working in conjunction with either a fixed or mobile cattle crush. the Stock Cube is an adaptable add-on to upgrade existing farm units or as a stand alone system.

Folded dimensions: 3.2m x 2.5m

Unfolded dimensions: 3.2m x 5.5m

Excellent condition.

Ready to go.


‘A’ Frames

Variety of A frames prices start at £44.00 + VAT

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