Stock Cube

Main Features:

  • All hot dripped galvanised finish.
  • All Sheet metal is ‘safe – edged’.
  • Self Locking ratchet style catch with spring loaded slip bolts on sweep gate.
  • ‘Creeper’ gate eliminates corner traps for stock.
  • ‘Bolt down’ positions for fixed installations.
  • Large sized fork lift pockets are incorporated. 150mm x 100mm


  • Portable or fixed applications.
  • Easily handled by forklift or pallet tines on front loader.
  • Easy to set – up and use.
  • Can transport up to 20m x 2.5m(8′) cattle hurdles including pins.
  • Unique ‘creeper’ gate eliminates corner trap when operating the main sweep gate.
  • Easy access to and from the holding area.
  • Operator is behind the cattle and sweep gate whilst in operation.
  • Proven successful with horned cattle.
320GLR (Transport)3350mm2450mm2260mm965kgs
320GLR (Working)3350mm5500mm2260mm965kgs